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Sharp Vision Software Values & Customer Benefits

Our Values

  • Quality through Process – We adhere to a rigorous process to assure consistent quality. No project moves forward unless it passes each stage with careful reviews, and no project is delivered unless it has been thoroughly tested.
  • Collaboration – We work closely with our clients to better understand their business needs, and to expand our domain knowledge for developing better software.
  • Earning your trust – We value long-term relationships, long-term vision and earning client trust, which is why so many of our clients conduct repeat business with us.
  • Our team – We frequently invite clients to our offices to experience our team dynamics. Our roles are well defined, leaving the perfect balance of productivity and morale.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduce Cost – Our configurable software and on-time delivery significantly reduces development and installation costs. Our extensible software architecture, like that in our Apt+™ multimedia training platform, enables us to add features or enhancements quickly at low cost.
  • Improve Performance – Our software is well designed, carefully implemented and thoroughly tested to maximize performance. We are experienced in developing large-scale and complex software systems, such as those that control a large number of subsea oil production equipment.
  • Drive Innovation – Our innovative software solutions help our clients solve their business challenges. The 3D Bronch for iPad is an educational tool that is changing the way healthcare professionals learn by integrating 3D anatomy with game engine technology, real internal images of the bronchial tree, and advanced interactive features.
  • Enhance Competitiveness – Our solutions for marketing & sales, such as Mobile Apps and Prospex™ Virtual Exhibitions are designed to assist our clients engage more customers and earn more sales.
  • Intuitive Interface – SVS user interface design is core to all deliverables as it allows users to access relevant information quickly. Whether you are a physician reviewing cases on a mobile device, an engineer taking a professional training course with Apt+, or a sales manager showing a 3D animation of your product to customers, we work to assist all users.

    “We are passionate about contributing to the success of our clients.”

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