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Safe Training Solutions

Simulation software is changing healthcare education, offering new and safe ways to experience real procedural scenarios. We develop simulation training solutions on the SIM+ simulation platform. SIM+ is designed to assist medical institutions in their mission to innovatively train healthcare professionals. It enables trainees to perform endoscopic examinations and procedures while detecting and diagnosing diseases included in the model. SIM+ has been proven in use as a bronchoscopy training tool and can be customized for any training scenario requiring an endoscope.

User Features

  • Realistic images and handling with optional hardware
  • Map display of location and direction of the scope for guided navigation & training
  • Ultrasound, scope, and radio images on the same screen for cross references
  • Patient case information and images for customized training experiences

Administrative Features

  • Compatible with PCs and Macs
  • Administrators may choose a simulation based on cases and set simulation parameters
  • Dynamic updating system contents through reading and parsing configuration files
  • Display simulation status data in real time
  • Customizable for any simulated training experience
  • Easy connection with an external hardware handler via USB port

Project Spotlight: The Bronchoscopy Simulator

The Bronchoscopy Simulator was developed in cooperation with the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP). It is designed to provide physicians with a hands-on bronchoscopy, TBNA and EBUS-TBNA experience. The simulator includes various cases for lung cancer diagnosis. The software can run alone on a laptop or with the optional hardware handler and mask, which can connect to a laptop via USB port.

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