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What Is Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

Remote monitoring & diagnostics (RM&D) is a critical component of asset integrity management. It is used to monitor sensitive equipment such as subsea drilling & production assets, pipelines, or medical devices. RM&D also detects anomalies, raises alarms, then reports and diagnoses issues. SVS RM&D solutions, built on the Titan platform, detect, report and diagnose anomalies in real time.

Who Uses RM&D

Healthcare institutions and hospitals use RM&D with life-supporting medical equipment, and for devices such as telemedicine units to minimize workflow interruptions.

The oil & gas and power industries employ sophisticated RM&D systems to ensure that their equipment and assets are performing safely and efficiently. RM&D is a strong defense against environmental catastrophe and preserves a safe working environment.

The Titan Difference

SVS leverages experience in developing large-scale software systems, and domain expertise in RM&D to develop RM&D solutions with Titan. Our solutions remotely monitor assets in real time while diagnosing and resolving operational issues quickly. SVS Titan RM&D has been proven reliable in the toughest conditions with excellent performance track records.

Titan Reference Projects

We have built RM&D systems for fortune 100 companies as part of their mission to operate safely and with minimal interruptions.

Subsea Oil Production RM&D: The RM&D system we built for subsea oil production has been performing for several years.

Pipeline Impact & Leak Detection RM&D: The pipeline impact & leak detection system has been proven in use in monitoring impacts and leakage for oil & gas pipelines.

Power RM&D: Monitors hundreds of power generators world-wide.

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics for Healthcare: We are leveraging our experience with Titan RM&D to seek opportunities to work with medical device manufacturers, telemedicine providers, and hospitals worldwide to develop remote monitoring & diagnostics solutions for medical equipment.

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