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User experience is important to all SVS deliverables. Our mobile apps feature creative user interface design, impactful interactive features, and stunning graphics using the latest in game engine technology. We design mobile apps for training and for marketing & sales. We also assist clients sell their apps on the iTunes store and/or Android market.


  • Available on iPad, iPhone, and Android Devices
  • Interactive User Interface and 3D Models
    • Zoom, Rotate, Turn Labels On/Off, and Change Opacity
  • 3D Animations and Video
    • Demonstrate Medical Procedures
    • Demonstrate How to Use Medical Devices
  • Intuitive User Interface Design
  • Collaborative Functions
  • Real Images & Cases
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter and email
  • Advanced Note-Taking Features

Mobile Apps for Training

The mobile apps we design for training are easy to use, clear, collaborative, and searchable when physicians need them. These apps serve both user and administrative needs to accurately train, take notes, easily add real case studies and more. Intuitive user interfaces and ‘favorites’ features enable users to quickly find the information they are looking for. We also design collaborative functions for Facebook, Twitter and email.

Mobile Apps for Marketing & Sales

Mobile apps are changing the way marketing and sales experts present their products and services. Clients have trusted SVS to create a rewarding experience for their customers, who have praised the apps for accurate brand representation. Provide your sales teams with impressive mobile presentations, and expand your reach to target customers through the iTunes store or Android market.

Projects Include

  • ACCP Radiology Cases iPad App ACCP Radiology Cases - American College of Chest Physicians
  • ACCP 3D Bronch Anatomy Training iPad App 3D Bronch - Sharp Vision Software
  • ACCP Bronch+ Bronchoscopy Training iPad App Bronch+ - Sharp Vision Software
  • ACCP Ventilator Waveforms iPad App
  • Workplace Communications Instructional Video iPad App
  • Healthcare Case Review Interface
  • GE Flex Aero Product iPad App FlexAero - General Electric Company
  • ‘Universe’ Product Marketing Interface

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