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Prospex™ Online Virtual Exhibitions

The Prospex Virtual Exhibition experience is designed to help our clients achieve sales by further engaging target customers. With Prospex Virtual Exhibitions, we build custom solutions to showcase your products online and for iPad, in an interactive virtual environment, where customers intuitively explore at their convenience. Live customer service options enable you to provide personal attention while access control management gives you the option to limit access to preferred customers with exclusive product launches, or open the floor to the public.


  • Online 3D Virtual Reality Environment
  • Interactive Booths with
    • 3D Animations & Product Videos
    • Fact Sheets & Product Information

3D Animations

We collaborate with marketing and sales teams to build 3D product animations. We prioritize your marketing and sales objectives with a proven creative design process that includes storyboard creation. Clients have received positive feedback for impressive graphics and realistic product representation.

Used In

  • Live Trade Shows & Product Promotions
  • Mobile Apps
  • Tender Documents

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are changing the way sales teams present their products and services. Clients have trusted SVS to create a rewarding experience for their customers, who have praised the apps for exceptional brand representation.


  • Available on iPad, iPhone, and Android Devices
  • Interactive 3D User Interface & 3D Models
  • Creative User Interface Design

GE FlexAero App:

FlexAero - General Electric Company

Hologram Displays

SVS eye-catching hologram solutions are built to optimize viewer experience. We develop custom animations and supply the hardware system. Through this impressive display, clients have successfully increased visibility and brand recognition while leaving strong impressions.

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