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Apt+™ Multimedia Training

Engaging Professional Development

Apt+ is a multimedia training platform on which we develop custom training solutions. Our clients choose Apt+ solutions to train their professionals in the installation, operation and maintenance of complex equipment, the use of specialized devices and for industry-specific knowledge. Apt+ multimedia formats include 3D animations, flash, audio, video and online documentation. SVS training solutions are used globally with excellent track records in customer satisfaction.


  • Built-in Comprehensive Media Player
  • Visual Materials can be Made Interactive
  • Multiple Media Formats of Training Materials:
    • 3D Animation
    • Video
    • Narration & Scripts
    • Flash
    • Graphics
    • Schematics
    • Drawings
    • Documents
  • Competency Test:
    • User & Privilege Management
    • Test Materials Management
    • Test Result Statistics & Reporting
    • Learning Status Tracking
  • Full Coverage of Training Content
  • Context-Sensitive Online Assistance

Apt+ Reference Projects

Bronchoscopy Training

The Multimedia Bronchoscopy Training Project was developed in collaboration with the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP). It is designed for physicians who care for patients with known or suspected lung cancer, or for students learning proper bronchoscopy techniques. Topics include thoracic anatomy, TBNA, EBUS TBNA, and sampling techniques.

Subsea Oil Production Training

The Subsea Oil Production Training Project was built for the training of installation, schematics, and equipment component parts in subsea fields. The full project contains 20 in-depth modules including topics on subsea control, flowline schematics, equipment structure, subsea umbilical, hydraulic flying leads, and more. The built-in 3D animation of the subsea oil production site shows installation procedures at the source, leading learners through the training process by demonstration.

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